"Coral Lok" - Coral Frag Plugs

Our Patented “Coral Lok” - Coral Frag Plug Created By Our Reef Building Partner Reef Cells.

Our Patented “Coral Lok” - Coral Frag Plug Created By Our Reef Building Partner Reef Cells.


We are excited to be incorporating our patented New Coral Lok frag plugs into our artificial reef modules developed by our incredible reef builder REEF CELLS! Coral Lok’s are revolutionizing the way living corals are attached to underwater reefs. These coral fasteners can immediately attach a living coral to a coral reef with a simple twist. The screw shaped base of the Coral Lok frag plug is designed to easily and securely mate into the female threaded Coral Lok receiver. The coral is fixed and ready to grow over the plug base and onto the reef rock.

The reef surface no longer needs be chiseled and roughed up in order to remove living bio-film before a transplanted coral can be attached with chemicals. No time is wasted waiting for epoxy adhesive to harden or fumble with plastic zip ties before the diver can move on to the next coral. Hundreds of corals can now be attached in the time it currently takes to attach ten.

Plus Coral Lok frag plugs can be screwed into special production racks in the nursery and the entire rack can be transported to the reef with the living corals still attached to the rack. The coral polyps growing on the Coral Lok frag plugs which are secured to the rack are protected from jostling against each other during nursery cultivation and transportation to the reef. The Coral Lok system allows for the living coral polyps to be grown and deployed more securely and quickly with less handling and with less stress and trauma to the fragile coral animals.

Coral Lok fasteners are made from inert materials that will not harm the corals or the reef. They will not corrode, oxidize or breakdown from electrolysis or sunlight. Composed of 90% calcium carbonate, they are strong enough to support the living coral and hold it firmly in place while the coral naturally grows to self-attach to the reef.

Each Reef Cell artificial reef module can be fabricated with hundreds of Coral Lok receivers making it possible to create new coral reefs in just a matter of days where no reef existed before. And the ease of Coral Lok installation enables coral attachment to be accomplished by volunteers with even minimum skill levels.

Coral Lok attaching devices are patent pending and available to coral reef research and restoration organizations worldwide. Please contact us for more information.