Our FIRST 1000 Mermaid Artificial Reef Deployment!


Today was a special day for us, today we deployed our first Artificial Reefs into the ocean for the first time! Here is our first mini recap video from some drone footage our videographer Lime Digital Agency shot - full recap coming soon!


We Now have mermaid reefs in the water!

Thanks to the help of Palm Beach County’s Department Of Environmental Resources Management (who graciously sponsored the $13,000 cost of the barge/transportation through the use of vessel license fees and their forward thinking programs) & Mcculley Marine Services who provided the barge for a smooth deployment we successfully deployed our first 18 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Modules in collaboration with our Reef Builder & Partner Chris O’Hare Of Reef Cells!

For More Info Check Out The Palm Beach Post Article Highlighting The Deployment!

The coordinates for the reef can be found at N 26°45.2703'; W 080°01.6392'.

More information & full recap videos coming soon! For more information don’t hesitate to e-mail us at info@1000mermaids.com