The #1000mermaids project is a public art installation that will also serve as an underwater eco-friendly destination for tourism. 

     Every year tourists come to Ft. Lauderdale to enjoy the natural resources. Large volumes of visitor traffic can have negative impacts on the health of the natural reef. 

     Artificial reefs can help offset the traffic giving the natural reefs time to recover, as well as provide habitats for fish, lobsters, and other marine life. 

     The #1000mermaids project aims to bring awareness to the growing problems affecting our natural reefs. The first step for helping our environment is by educating ourselves on issues we may not be aware of on the surface but are happening underneath the water. 

     Mermaids have long been a symbol of humans’ connection to the Ocean. Our plan is to cast real people and sculpt them into artificial reef sculptures that will be strategically placed along the ocean floor with the help of local government environmental agencies. The planned locations for the Artificial reef modules are perpendicular with the tour boat excursions off Fort Lauderdale beach. While on the excursions guests will be educated on reef preservation and also be presented the opportunity to help the cause.




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